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If you love movies as much as we do you will know that there are always great deals on buying, renting, and streaming movies that are not well advertised. There are growing numbers of perfectly legal movie streaming sites that have thousands of movies at amazing rates.  That Movie Site finds all the special online movie deals and presents them to you in a logical manner.

Our Vision

Finding the movies you love at a price you can easily afford should be easy.  That Movie Site has the vision to become the leading website for movie lovers who want to pay less for great movies in all genres. Offering the widest choice of movies anywhere on earth at the most affordable rental or streaming costs is where That Movie Site wants to be.  We want to be the source you can rely on to find any movie, of any genre, in any language at the very best price. 

Movie Genres and More

At That Movie Site, we find deals on movies across all genres, languages, and ages. From cult classics of the 50s and 60s to Hollywood, Martial Arts, and Anime our platform finds the deals and filters them for you. We pride ourselves on not only finding the best deals on movies you love but also finding movies that are hard to find. With That Movie Site, we can find you the movies you love at an unbeatable price that you can enjoy at your convenience.  Whether you enjoy Westerns from the 40s and 50s or if you want the latest international Hollywood blockbusters That Movie Site is the companion you need.

Not Just Finding Movie Deals

That Movie Site is not just about finding the best deals on movies around the world.  As movie lovers ourselves, we help you find new movies and genres of movies that may interest you. We provide reviews and information about movies and the movie entertainment world to take your enjoyment of movies to a new and better-informed level. We love to hear from other movie lovers, helping us to help you and help others.

How Does That Movie Site Find the Best Movie Deals for You?

There are millions of movies streaming online around the world every second of every day and many are being streamed for amazing prices. Finding the best movie deals can mean hunting through hundreds of streaming platforms or Apps.  This manual process does not necessarily mean you will find the best deals. That Movie Site searches thousands of movie streaming and rental sites in all nook and cranny of the internet. From well-known platforms such as YouTube, Amazon, Google Play, and Netflix to many sites you may not even know exist.  Scouring specialist sites and popular sites That Movie Site uses advanced search technology to look for the movie titles you want at the lowest possible price. Finding special offers or offers for limited periods as well as finding generally low rates is where That Movie Site excels.

How to play our movies

That Movie Site finds the best movies on a variety of movie streaming platforms. However, some movies are exclusive to being played on certain devices such as Xbox or Apple Device; those movies may require a specific app to watch the movie. On the whole, That Movie Site delivers movies on platforms that most people already own.

System Requirements

Go to the homepage and find the “Movies Anywhere” section. You can play these movies on Apple TV, Prime Video, Google Play, YouTube, Microsoft, Vudu, Fandango, Xfinity, Verizon, Direct TV…etc.

Note: As of 12/12/2020, if the movie is not marked with the “Movies Anywhere” logo, the movies cannot be watched in the browser, so you will have to have an Xbox One or Windows 10 device.

Other providers are coming soon! Please leave us your feedback on which digital movie providers we should add first.

How Does That Movie Site Make Money?

That Movie Site is operated by a team of movie lovers who want to share the amazing deals on movies they have found. It is pointless keeping amazing deals on the best movies a secret.  

Like many websites, we may get compensated if you purchase a movie through our link at no additional cost to you. In a nutshell, nothing is hidden and our handful of conventional income streams merely help us maintain our movie search technology to keep finding you the very best deals on the very best movies. See our disclosure for more information.

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That Movie Site offers a unique service to movie lovers all over the world. Because of our service we have a unique and growing base of followers and people who want the best movies for less.  We have numerous opportunities for sponsorship on various sections of our site giving your business exclusive access to a captured market. Contact us for more information.

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We love to hear from our visitors and all movie lovers.  Feel free to message us on our social media platforms or email us with any questions or requests and we will get right back to you. 

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