How To Get Free Digital Movies

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If you want to grow your digital movie library for free, start by getting Microsoft Rewards. They offer points for doing daily searches on which you can use to redeem gift cards. Cash in the gift cards for 1-2 movie purchases a month or even more rentals.

Earning Points

The amount of points a person can earn varies by country. In the US, a person can earn anywhere between 300-350 points per day by completing daily activities, clicking links in Microsoft Rewards emails.

All together a person can earn about 10,000 points a month which is worth very roughly $10 worth of gift cards.

Redeeming Points

The options to redeem can vary by country and by user, so it is best to check your rewards dashboard for a complete list of redeem options. Here are a few from my very old account from the US:

  • Microsoft Gift Card - 4,650 points
  • Amazon Gift Card - 5,250 points (Unfortunately this is only a redeem option for older accounts)
  • Domino's Pizza, Chipotle, Starbucks, Dunkin' Donuts Gift Card - 5,250 points
  • Walmart Gift Card - 5,250 points
  • 1 Month Xbox Game Pass Ultimate - 12,000 points

Depending on what you want to buy, between Microsoft, Amazon, and Walmart, you can buy pretty much whatever you want for free.

Other Ways to Earn Points

Here are a few other ways to earn points. If you have an Xbox, get the Microsoft Rewards app for more ways to earn. And if you have Xbox Game Pass, you can earn even more points for playing games or earning achievements.

There will also be occasional Microsoft promotions where completing certain tasks will give some benefit like double daily points. Just pay attention and check the dashboard daily.


Don't break the rules! Having multiple accounts can get you banned permanently. Also writing scripts to accumulate points for you automatically is strictly prohibited, and believe me they are very good at finding out. When an account is banned, the person may not even know until they try to redeem points and are met with an error. So just don't do it; enjoy the benefits as they come because they are actually pretty good.