How To Get Free Digital Movies

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If you want to grow your digital movie library for free, start by getting Microsoft Rewards.
They offer points for doing daily searches on which you can use to redeem gift cards. Cash in the gift cards for 1-2 movie purchases a month or even more rentals.

Earning Points

The amount of points a person can earn varies by country. In the US, a person can earn anywhere between 300-350 points per day through the following activities:

  • Completing the daily set for 30-60 points, plus an extra 15 each day you keep your streak going).

  • Completing PC/mobile/Edge searches (270 points)

  • Using the Xbox One Rewards dashboard for 0-20 points

  • If you have Game Pass, you can get maybe 1000 points a month from activities in the Xbox One Rewards app.

So all-in-all a person can earn roughly 10,000 points a month which is worth very roughly $10 worth of gift cards.

Redeeming Points

You can find the full list of redeem options on your rewards dashboard, but here are the best few:

  • Microsoft Gift Card - 4,650 points
  • Amazon Gift Card - 5,250 points
  • Domino's Pizza (Chipotle, Starbucks, Dunkin' Donuts) Gift Card - 5,250 points
  • Walmart Gift Card - 5,250 points
  • 1 Month Xbox Game Pass Ultimate - 12,000 points

Depending on what you want to buy, between Microsoft, Amazon, and Walmart, you can buy pretty much whatever you want for free.

Other Ways to Earn Points

There are several regular opportunities to earn points on top of the usual daily amount. In the US, these include:

  • Emails from Microsoft: You'll get a weekly email with links to click for points (usually 50). You'll get a monthly "points summary" email that usually has a link for ~10 points. And you'll occasionally get other one-off emails with other offers. Folks usually post the links from these emails, so you can check the sub regularly if you're worried things are getting lost in your inbox.

  • Punch cards: MS almost always has a punch card or two going at any given time that'll give you several thousand bonus points for renting/buying movies or a specific game from the MS store. Occasionally they'll make one that doesn't involve spending money--e.g., visiting the Bing homepage on three different days. You can find some of these on the Rewards dashboard (the big sliders below the daily set), but some you can only find in the Rewards app on your Xbox.

  • Xbox Rewards app "Weekly Set": You can earn 100 points a week (plus bonus points for building streaks of consecutive weeks) for completing activities on your Xbox. Only available via the Rewards console app.

  • Game Pass quests: These are basically special punch cards for people who subscribe to Game Pass. You can only find them on the Rewards app on your Xbox or on the Game Pass mobile app. There are around five every month that will net you a combined ~1,000 points (sometimes more) for earning achievements in specific Game Pass games.

  • Miscellaneous dashboard tiles: Check the small tiles toward the bottom of your Rewards dashboard (below the weekly set and the punch cards) regularly. There's usually one or two a week, each worth in the 5-30 range.

  • Anniversary bonus points: You'll get an extra 500 bonus points each year on the day you joined MS Rewards. The offer will show up at the top of your dashboard.

  • Double points offers: MS will sometimes offer double points for PC or mobile searches that last for a limited time. Sometimes you need to install one of their mobile apps to qualify for the double points; sometimes it's as simple as clicking a link in an email or on your dashboard. You'll see these offers at the top of your dashboard and by email.