How Microsoft Store Movie Deals Work

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Microsoft Store has a ton of deals on digital movies and tv throughout the year. The best part is that a lot of their movies are Movies Anywhere compatible, so it can be one of the cheapest places to get movies regardless of your platform. Their deals fall into these main categories:

  • 99¢ rentals
  • Big discounts on purchases
  • 24-72 hour flash sales
  • Free tv shows (very rare but has been seen)

99¢ Rentals

There are usually only one of these deals at any given time, but they come up about every month. There may be other rental discounts, just not for 99¢. These sales last for 14 days.

After renting, you have 14 days to start watching it and then 48 hours to finish it. Be careful not to start it before you're ready to watch it all the way through!

Big Purchase Discounts

They pretty much always have some movies on sale, but their sales are usually hidden behind marketing. That is the whole reason I made this site, in hopes that it would make finding the deals a little easier. The sales last for ~14 days but can last for months.

If you miss a sale, don't worry because the same discounted movies tend to cycle back around. Also, the Microsoft website "expires in X hours" isn't always correct. Often times they will extend sales by a few hours and sometimes for even longer than that.

Flash Sales

Flash sales are the second reason I built this site. Microsoft will often have short one to three day sales that are easy to miss unless you wade through their site every day. With this site, it is easy to browse the top sales quickly, so you don't have to miss another sale.

These sales usually offer huge discounts, sometimes more than 85% off. They are usually seen around holidays or unique days. For example, every Friday the 13th, Microsoft will sell the entire 8-movie Friday the 13th collection for $13. Pretty dang good.

Free TV Shows

Alright, these are so rare that I probably shouldn't include it, but I figured I'd mention it since I did see it one time. They had a huge sale where you could get the first season of a bunch of TV shows for free. I got Tokyo Ghoul, Attack on Titan, and a few others for free-ninety-free, my favorite price.