How Microsoft Store Movie Deals Work

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Microsoft Store has a ton of deals on digital movies and tv throughout the year. The best part is that a lot of their movies are Movies Anywhere compatible, so it can be one of the cheapest places to get movies regardless of your platform. Their deals fall into these main categories:

  • 99¢ rentals
  • Big discounts on purchases
  • 24-72 hour flash sales
  • Free tv shows (very rare but has been seen)

99¢ Rentals
  • Usually only one at any given time.
  • There might be other rental discounts but not for 99¢
  • Last for 14 days.
  • Examples?
Big Purchase Discounts
  • They pretty much always have some movies on sale.
  • The sales last for ~14 days.
  • Really good sales come around maybe every 6 weeks.
  • If you miss a sale, it might come back around (although may take months)
  • Sometimes sales are extended past when it says they expire.
  • Examples?
Flash Sales
  • Huge discounts usually on one particular genre or collection
  • Usually seen around holidays or major events--subscribe to my site, and I'll send an alert.
  • Last 24-72 hours usually
  • Examples?
Free TV Shows
  • Rarely seen! (aka only seen once)
  • No pattern
  • Examples?