Jack Denault

“Everybody relax!! I’m here!” Kurt Russell as Jack Burton from Big Trouble in Little China… I should say the same.

Hey movie fan, glad you have enough sense to come here and get the real scoop about the latest in film. That makes you smarter than most already.

My name is Jack, and my duty is to guide you the viewer thru this maze of celluloid crap that some studios have the balls to label “movies”. And while doing so, I will even school you a little about films, actors, and other cinema related things.

I love movies more than you do, and I’ll prove it.
I’ve owned a DVD player since 1997, back when most people had never heard of DVD, and other deluded schmucks thought something called DIVIX would take off. Can anyone say “Betamax?”
I own several hundred movies, as well as four DVD players including a portable one. I average two visits to my local theatre per week, and go as often as four times per week during the summer. Doubt those numbers? Check out part of my collection of movie stubs for the past two years. They form the background on which this biography sits. I have never walked out of a movie, no matter how bad, and will rewatch a great movie over and over again. Finally, all the work I do for That Movie Site is done pro bono, because I just love movies that much!

My tastes in films are as varied as a Vegas buffet. I enjoy such great films as The Incredibles, and even enjoy such not so great films as Freddy Got Fingered. The only genre I don’t care for is musicals. Having said that however, I enjoyed Chicago as well as the greatest musical of all time, Grease. But don’t get me started on that crappy Moulin Rouge train wreck.

I reside in Vancouver British Columbia, which affords me two wicked perks. I have met more stars than most Hollywood agents, and stumble across movie sets daily. No matter what Toronto or Montreal will tell you, Vancouver is the only true “Hollywood North”.

If you like my reviews, good! If you disagree with my opinions, e-mail me so that I can convince you that I’m right. I always enjoy educating people.

One last thing… Don’t hate me because I’m better looking than you are. Hate me because I’m smarter too!
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