Independence Day Resurgence - ReGurgence

20th Century Fox
Duration: 120min
Category: action
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I remember seeing Independence Day at the midnight screening and having a ball. There was cheering and applause. People used to line up for hours back then so the anticipation was palpable. It was the middle of the night so we were tired and it was fun.

Then I went back the following week to see if again since I had enjoyed it so much. Early into the running time I realized what had happened. It was a terrible movie. The fun I had had was more about who I was with and the excitement of the event. The main secret to the success of the film was that it was fresh. There hadn't been that widescale destruction of famous landmarks before. Like seeing dinosaurs come to life for the first time on screen there was just something thrilling about seeing all that wanton carnage when it was new. Now it happens every weekend when a new movie opens. All the charm has worn off.

So what is to be gained by returning 20 years later to a film that hasn't stood the test of time, a film which is made as poorly, if not even worse, a film whose whole gimmick is now as common as the common cold? Turns out not much. The film is as badly plotted and scripted as the first. The one liners are painful. The coincidences are so unbelievable. The characters are thinly drawn and annoying. The story itself is... well... boring.

Damn boring.

When I wasn't rolling my eyes at something completely ridiculous I was yawning.

I love good sci fi. I love corny sci fi. There is something to sci fi which often is missing from other genres. It's a world building, an attention to details, backstories, characters. When you are presenting the fantastic, the unbelievable, you have to go the extra mile to make it real, make us believe it. The best sci fi is often more realistic than your typical drama because it takes on this challenge of making a world where the impossible can happen.

The bad sci fi doesn't do this.

Films like ID, and this pathetic follow up, are about something else. They are about spectacle, how much they can blow things up. I best few people can explain much of the mythology behind Independence Day, the aliens and the invasion. While you could get a fan to go on for hours about Starfleet, the Sith, Hogwarts, etc. With ID all you get is "Did you see the White House blow up?"

And that would be okay if it wasn't so tired. Every big blockbuster blows up some famous monument. It's just been done and done to death. ID Resurgence, a badly made movie, just doesn't entertain or offer anything of interest. And it ends with the promise of more...


Review By: Collin Smith

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