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Well, there havenít been many Soapboxes this year. I blame that on the financial backer for the site. Heís a cheap bastard!
But, in the spirit of Christmas, he assures me that in the New Year, the site will be re-tooled, tightened up, and my Soapbox section will finally be completed.
Then I can start posting some really cool shit, including stories, opinions, rants and general shenanigans that should bring a smile to your face. Or make you recoil in horror. Whatever, itís all the same to me!
So I wish you a very Merry Christmas, Happy Chanukah, Fantastic Festivus and Wonderful Non-Denominational Celebration!
I look forward to entertaining you in 2006.
Be safe and happy, and tell those closest to you that you love them.
See ya.

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