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Collin's Favorite 100 Films

Because I see so many movies and talk about films all the time, people are always asking me about my favorites. I have so many it’s hard for me to choose just a few. However, over time I have compiled a list of my favorite 100 films. It is a somewhat fluid list that occasionally changes as I see new films and old films that are new to me. These 100 films may not be the best ever made. They are simply my favorites. It is a list of films that I return to again and again, that I always enjoy and never tire of watching. You won’t find certain celebrated films on this list such as Citizen Cane, Dr. Strangelove or Taxi Driver. While I may admire certain films for technical reasons, it doesn’t mean I love watching them and this is list is about that love. I haven’t filled it with obscure film studies features just to try to increase my film cred. You won’t see Mon Oncle Antoine, The Bicycle Thief, Wings of Desire, Seven Samurai or 8˝ (or any films by those film makers) on this list. And many popular favorites, like E.T. or any James Bond film, didn’t make my list. Some of the films are blockbusters and some are little quiet films you may never have heard of. Yes the majority of these films were released in my lifetime as they are the films I was more readily exposed to. I admit some of them may not even be “good” films. They are just the films I love watching the most and this is my chance to share them with you. Perhaps I will convince you to see something you wouldn’t have seen otherwise. Perhaps I can get you to revisit a film you wrote off for whatever reason. Perhaps my choices will make you angry. I look forward to rewatching each of these films, as I have many times before, so that I can discuss the reasons for my undying love. I will occasionally post selections from the list and hope you enjoy reading about my passion. Perhaps it will inspire you to think about the films you love and share them with me.

The first film I will tackle may not be my all time favorite, but it is a film I love and continue to enjoy the more I watch it. It is also the first film on my list alphabetically so I figured that was as good a place as any to start. The longest titled film on my list is The Adventures of Pricilla Queen of the Desert. Check it out by clicking on the search icon in the upper left corner of the screen and enter "Priscilla".

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