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Reviewers at That Movie Site are simply regular, real people, who truly enjoy movies. All of our writers work on a volunteer basis, and receive no compensation for their efforts. They even have to pay full price for the movies they see. Their personal overwhelming enjoyment and genuine love of films are their only motivations. Writers come from all sorts of interesting and varied backgrounds. To learn more about the reviewers, simply click on the Find A Reviewer icon to read their biographies.




Our goal at That Movie Site is to provide moviegoers with honest unedited and uncensored reviews of movies. Our reviewers write what's on their mind, and their content is only edited for spelling and grammar. We are not accredited or affiliated with any film studio or production company. Therefore our reviews are genuine, uninfluenced and most of all honest. Readers will get "the real deal" at That Movie Site .




We provide the most honest and comprehensive reviews on the Internet for one simple reason. Because no one else does it properly! Many movie critics receive perks or "compensation" for their reviews. Many also receive pressures from studios to be as positive about movies as possible. And they are often highly censored or edited in order to minimize bad publicity. Moviegoers deserve real, honest and accurate reviews. Not a spun web of influenced deception created to boost box office.




We hope That Movie Site will be the ultimate and definitive movie review site on the web. Our mantra is: Reel Reviews by Real People. That makes us all one big movie-loving family.




All the staff at That Movie Site promise to produce the best possible work at all times, and provide readers with honest, genuine film reviews. We will not be influenced by studios, production companies, distributors or any other movie-affiliated corporation.

Our honesty is your guarantee.


Feel free to contact us at: jackspqr@gmail.com


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